26/07/2017 10:33 BST | Updated 26/07/2017 16:25 BST

Piers Morgan Blasts Rachel Dolezal After She 'Does A Runner' Before 'Good Morning Britain' Interview

'Couldn’t stand the heat so she’s got out of the kitchen before we’ve even put the kettle on.'

Piers Morgan laid into controversial media personality Rachel Dolezal in Wednesday’s (26 July) ‘Good Morning Britain’, after she “did a runner” from the show at the eleventh hour.

Rachel - who has repeatedly been blasted by critics due to her self-identification as black, despite being born and raised white - had been booked on the show to promote her memoir, ’Full Color: Finding My Place In A Black And White World’.

However, shortly before she’d been due to give an interview on the show, Piers revealed his annoyance that she’d pulled out at the last minute.

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Piers Morgan

A disappointed Piers told viewers: “We were going to be interviewing Rachel Dolezal who is the quite infamous American woman who is white, and was born to white parents, but identifies as black. Which is obviously ridiculous… but she’s done a runner.

“[She] couldn’t stand the heat so she’s got out of the kitchen before we’ve even put the kettle on… to torture that metaphor. So, my apologies.

“Wherever you are Ms Dolezal, I think we know why you don’t want to talk about this, don’t we? Because you’re not black. You’re white. And I was going to say to you, ‘why do you pretend to be black?’ Because actually it’s incredibly insulting and very offensive. And I think that’s why you’ve done a runner.”

Apologising to viewers once again, Piers added: “I was [looking forward to that debate], but I think she’s now identifying as a coward. And there’s not much you can do about that.”

Rachel isn’t the only ‘GMB’ guest to cancel her interview on the show, though, with Ewan McGregor refusing to promote the ‘Trainspotting’ sequel on the ITV daytime show when he discovered that it would be Piers conducting the interview.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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