'Good Morning Britain': Piers Morgan Gets Caught Red-Handed On His Phone


Piers Morgan was caught off-guard during Wednesday’s (21 December) ‘Good Morning Britain’, when he was caught scrolling through his phone when cameras panned unexpectedly to the studio in the middle of a pre-recorded interview segment.

Viewers had been watching a taped interview with showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold and ‘Passengers’ stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, when Piers was caught in the act on his phone.

Still, that’s nothing compared to Richard himself, who was seen sprawled across the sofa in the ‘GMB’ studio, unaware that he was suddenly being beamed to living rooms around the nation.

Richard likes to make himself comfortable when the cameras aren't around
Richard likes to make himself comfortable when the cameras aren't around

As the presenting team realised they were live, Richard suddenly exclaimed, “what happened there?” as he clambered back into the upright position.

Susanna Reid found the whole thing hilarious, though, commenting: “I love the fact that you were both just on your phones.”

Piers realises he's been caught
Piers realises he's been caught

Richard was quick to get back into professional mode, joking: “To each other, of course.”

Piers responded: “It’s the only way I can communicate with [Richard] without getting my lawyers involved.”

Last week, Piers and Richard made the headlines when the entertainment reporter grew tired of his co-presenter’s interruptions, and actually slapped him on the back of the head live on air for deliberately sabotaging a link.

And he’s not the only one to grow frustrated with Piers on the set of ‘Good Morning Britain’, with Susanna recently admitting that she only recently discovered the true nature of a “love-hate relationship” through sitting next to Piers every morning at work.

‘Good Morning Britain’ airs weekdays from 6am.

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