Meet Google Allo, A New Messaging App That Says All The Words For You

It uses AI to construct entire responses for you, which isn't remotely creepy.

Google has unveiled Allo, a new messaging app that uses artificial intelligence to pre-generate not just words, but entire responses for you.

Unveiled at the Google I/O 2016 developer conference, Allo is the company's first major attempt to take on the likes of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage.


What makes Allo unique is that it is powered by Google's new AI-powered helper called Assistant.

Think of it as Google's version of Siri, but rather than needing to know certain phrases you can actually talk to Assistant like you would a normal person.

Google has embedded this artificial intelligence right into your chats, so Assistant can learn from your conversations, what's on the screen and then actually suggest entire responses for you.


When Assistant isn't doing all the talking for you it can also get involved with the chats themselves.

If you're trying to find somewhere for dinner you can bring Assistant into the conversation, asking it questions about where's best to go, and then even ask it to book a table for you.

Google has been experimenting with communication apps and alongside Allo the company also unveiled Duo, an impressive video-calling app which intelligently knows how good your connection is to provide the best calling experience.

Then there's Spaces, Google's new group chat app which focuses conversations around hobbies and interests.