Google's Gmail 'Mic Drop' April Fools' Prank Goes Horribly (And Predictably) Wrong

It was always going to end in tears...

Google is known for taking April Fools' really really seriously.

The 'Mic Drop' prank is one such example - a real feature which Google introduced last night allowing a Gmail user to send a virtual 'mic drop' in the form of a GIF of a Minion while immediately archiving the entire conversation.


On paper it's utterly brilliant: A witty and appropriate way of ending an email conversation that could potentially have never ended.

Unfortunately it didn't really go to plan.

Turns out the 'mic drop' feature actually replaces a currently active feature called 'Send and Archive' which appears alongside the send button when replying.

'Send and Archive' is a feature that normally has to be turned on manually through the settings menu.

The results have been....unfortunate to say the least, so much so that Google has in fact now pulled the feature after receiving a barrage of complaints.

Now we didn't see the button active on our Gmail but we've had reports that the button was in some cases added to accounts that didn't even have 'Send and Archive' turned on as well.

We've reached out to Google to confirm this.

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