Graham Norton Shares One Hilarious Memory From His Wedding Last Year

The talk show host quietly wed filmmaker Jono McLeod in July 2022.
Graham Norton
Graham Norton
Anthony Devlin via Getty Images

Graham Norton has shared a funny memory from his wedding last year, as he and his husband approach their first anniversary.

In July 2022, the talk show host quietly married his long-term partner, filmmaker Jono McLeod, in a two-day celebration in Ireland.

He later confirmed that he and Jonathan had tied the knot in September of last year, and told The Guardian in an interview published on Tuesday: “I had a joke in my speech: the vows are much more manageable. ‘Till death do us part’ seems more achievable at our age.”

“If you get married at 23, that’s a big ask. We only have to put up with each other for a couple of decades. And then I’ll be out of here,” he joked.

Jono McLeod
Jono McLeod
Lia Toby via Getty Images

Graham told Now To Love last year: “I really felt like [the wedding] was for family. My mum was delighted.

“For the parents of gay children – my mother is 90 – she really did spend most of her life thinking, whatever happiness I found she was never going to have the buying a hat day, and so I love that we had that, back in Ireland where this was suddenly all possible.

“That it happened in my lifetime seems extraordinary to me, particularly in Ireland, which has become the Sweden of the 21st century, it’s so progressive. And it was lovely for my mum that she was able to be there.”

He also shared: “It’s kind of nice that things can come along in your life and surprise you. It’s early days but it’s going well so far.”


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