11/02/2019 05:05 GMT | Updated 11/02/2019 09:02 GMT

Grammys 2019: Ariana Grande Insists 'Trash' Tweet Was Not Aimed At Cardi B

She was upset about the Grammys result for a whole other reason.

Ariana Grande has set the record straight, after it was suggested she’d taken aim at Cardi B during this year’s Grammys.

After a much-publicised row with producers, Ariana ultimately declined to appear at this year’s Grammys, but did follow the action along on social media, and she was not impressed when it was revealed that Cardi had been awarded Best Rap Album.

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Ariana Grande

Immediately after Cardi was announced as the recipient of the award, Ariana tweeted “trash”, “fuck” and “bullshit”, before quickly taking down the posts.

However, when her fans picked up on what she’d written, assuming she was having a go at Cardi, Ariana quickly fired off some more tweets (which have also now been removed), insisting that she had nothing against the Bodak Yellow rapper, and was actually just disappointed that the award didn’t go to her late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who was also nominated in the same category.

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Cardi B at the Grammys

She wrote: “[The tweets were] nothing to do w [Cardi]. Good for her. I promise. I’m sorry.

“She’s not [trash] at all and that’s not what I meant and u know that.” 

When a fan pointed out that she was just upset that Mac’s family had been invited to the event, only for him not to end up winning, Ariana responded: “This is what i meant. Karen [his mother] was gonna have a green suit made.” 

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Mac Miller and Ariana Grande, pictured together last year

Ariana and Mac Miller dated for a number of years until they ended their relationship in May last year. 

Mac died of a drug overdose in September, at the age of 26, leaving Ariana, who was still in his life at the time of his death, devastated.

Despite not being present to collect it, Ariana was awarded her first ever Grammy on Sunday night, scooping Best Pop Vocal Album for Sweetener, instead saying her thank yous over Instagram, where she also revealed what she would have worn to the ceremony.

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