This Blogger Tried To Curl Her Hair Using Tampons

The results were actually shocking.

YouTuber Graveyard Girl, aka Bunny Marie Meyer, is changing the beauty game with her new series: Can It Curl?

Inspired by the hilarious Will It Blend videos, each week the vlogging star has been attempting to curl her hair using various objects found around her home.

First she tried marshmallows, next up was Cheetos... and now, it’s tampons (yes, really).


Meyer took the tampons out of their packaging and wrapped small strands of damp hair around each one, fastening with a kirby grips.


When all her hair was up, she put on a thermal cap to help set the curls with heat.


Finally, she unveiled her new ‘do - and, shockingly, the tampons left her with perfectly-formed ring curls.


We can’t say we’ll be trying this one at home, though.

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