Greater Manchester Police Twitter Teaser Campaign Prompts Hilarious But Clueless Responses

It's certainly got everyone talking.

A campaign poster by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has left thousands of people bewildered.

The force posted a graphic with the words “What’s she hiding?” and a picture of a brown leather handbag on its Twitter feed late on Thursday night.

It was posted without context, leaving many people confused and with only their imaginations to reply.

GMP confirmed to The Huffington Post UK that the poster was a “teaser”, trailed ahead of a new advertising campaign, details of which are yet to be revealed.

“The idea was to get everyone’s attention around it,” a spokesperson said.

And they certainly succeeded at that.

Social media was set ablaze with people offering up their own hilarious suggestions for what the mysterious woman could be hiding.

The answers varied from it being Theresa May’s bag that contained “miniature portraits of her favourite fascist dictators” to “the P45 of whoever’s in charge of your social media account”.