10/05/2017 10:15 BST

'Greggings' Have Arrived And The Internet Has Gone Wild

Mmmm...sausage rolls 😍

A major Greggs fan has designed a pair of leggings covered in the bakery chain’s logo, and it’s sent social media into a frenzy. 

Labelled ‘Greggings’, superfan Stuart Wilkinson - who also has a Greggs logo tattoo on his derrière - created the stretchy leggings based on the brand’s blue and white logo, ‘Always Fresh, Always Tasty’. 

And it’s probably the best thing to come out of 2017 yet. 

Taking to Twitter on Sunday 7 May to share his design, Wilkinson wrote:

“New gear for your debut appearance at Download Festival this year, eh! #Greggs4DL2017.”

One UK greeting card company, Love Layla Design, shared the post on their Instagram, saying:

“First they gave us peniscorn leggings and now we have Greggings.”

And, of course, social media users didn’t waste any time in responding: 

“And now I want a pasty,” one user wrote. 

“OMG Greggings,” another commented. 

“I’d eat you,” another posted. 

“Where can I get a pair from please?,” another wrote. 

2017 just got a whole lot better.