08/08/2017 10:16 BST

Guy Tries To Date Five Women In One Night, It Backfires Spectacularly

Now that's how to get revenge.

Most of us wouldn’t dare to go on two dates in one evening, but a cocky dater recently lined up five potential matches in one night. 

Thankfully, the not-so-lucky ladies got their sweet revenge, ‘John Tucker Must Die’-style.

It all started when office manager Lisette Pylant tweeted to say she’d met up with a guy for a date in a bar.

Much to Pylant’s surprise, after 45 minutes of a lacklustre date, a second woman rocked up for her date with the man.

The two women made a pact to make the guy feel sufficiently awkward, when a third woman turned up for her date. 

Thankfully, the third woman was also on board for getting some good, old fashioned revenge. 

Just when the ladies thought it was over, a fourth woman arrived for her date with the man. But Pylant was having none of it and soon intercepted the woman into her posse.

As if that wasn’t enough, girl number five arrived to date the guy.

Unbelievably, the man actually tried to justify his actions.

Pylant may not have had a great date, but she did have one hell of a night. Her tweets so went viral and were even made into a Twitter moment.

Now that’s what we call revenge. 

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