Gym Buddies #17: Proof You Don't Need Meat To Achieve Great Things

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Ocean Brothers

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It’s a belief commonly held, that vegans don’t get enough protein. But there are many successful athletes and personal trainers who have ditched eating meat and animal products for good.

Today, two brothers have set off to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic in an unsupported boat, fuelled by a vegan diet of dehydrated food. Their aim is to prove to critics that you can achieve great things without meat. We spoke to them about their gruelling training programme, 24-hour rowing strategy and plans to weather potential storms.

Talking of (more relatable) personal challenges, our novice cyclist Amy Packham shares the simple act that gave her the courage to cycle 18 miles alone. Need a confidence boost? Read her advice and try for yourself.

Also on Gym Buddies, we’re loving Asos for including a visibly disabled model in its latest fitness campaign - we look at why inclusivity is so important.