19/10/2016 13:45 BST | Updated 19/10/2016 16:32 BST

Habiba Da Silva Creates Range Of Hijabs For All Skin Tones

They're made for all religions and "inspired by togetherness".

A Birmingham-based fashion blogger has designed a range of hijabs catering to all skin tones.

Habiba Da Silva (centre, in the image below) created the line, called ‘SKIN’, in four different shades - inspired by “togetherness amongst different types of people”.

Habiba Da Silva

The 22-year-old hopes the collection will “break up the trend of having brands with clothing dressed on only lighter skinned models”.

She also states the scarves were created to be worn by both men and women, from every religion.

Habiba Da Silva

The lightest shade is called ‘Zaffeh’, the Arabic phrase for”wedding march”, and the darkest is ‘Aure’, the Hausa word for “marriage”.

‘Aroosadda’, a rich brown, is the Somalii word for “bride” and “Rukhasti”, a warm caramel, translates as “sending off” in Urdu.

Habiba Da Silva

“The theme of the collection plays around the idea of marriage; not necessarily as a bond between a man and a woman, rather as a bond between people from different backgrounds and cultures,” Da Silva writes on her website.

“The word, marriage, is all about bringing entities together. This is what SKIN is about.”

Habiba Da Silva
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