Habitat Sale: 9 Things HuffPosters Would Actually Buy

There's savings of up to 50% off.

We all love a bargain, especially when it’s a piece you’ve had your eye on for ages, but whose cost you can’t justify till it goes into sale. And even more so when it comes to homeware and expensive but necessary big ticket items like sofas. Even soft furnishings like cushions and kitchenware quickly add up.

Which is where Habitat steps in. The summer sale at Habitat is impressing us, so there’s no better time to stock up on bits and pieces for your home.

I asked members of the HuffPost team to pick one item from the sale they’d spend their hard-earned cash on – and explain why they love it. Here are our choices.

Set Of Two Storage Trunks, £64 (was £80)

Chosen by Jess Brammar, Executive Editor

“I am obsessed with finding new ways to hide the mounting piles of crap I have in my house. We actually own a couple of lovely Habitat wicker storage baskets for exactly this purpose – bought in previous sales – and I’ve had my eye on this pair for ages. I’m thinking they would make a great beside table too, or even a TV stand?”

Chosen by Charlie Lindlar, Blogs Editor

“I have an ulterior motive for loving these shelves. Instead of sloppily holding my many dog-eared books, these shelves strike me as better suited to showing off one extremely good vase and three carefully selected books that show off one’s diverse, roaming intellect. So by getting these I’d not only be the proud owner of a stylish, modern storage solution – I’d finally have to declutter my bookshelf too. Everybody wins.”

Chosen by Vicky Frost, Executive Editor of Lifestyle

“Things I really like about this jug from Habitat’s Jackson & Levine collab: its redness, its shininess, and its excellently large capacity. Great if you like large amounts of strong cocktails or if you always pick up the tallest bunch of flowers in the shop – but a pleasingly bold addition to a (sturdy) shelf on its own too. I’ll be displaying mine against my Tiffany-green kitchen wall for the extra colour pop – the big blocks of colour are going to look GREAT.

“Also: never mind a few measly percent off – this jug is half price!”

Eye Embroidered Cushion, £42 (was £60)

Chosen by Amy Packham, Assistant Life Editor

“I’m a big fan of a statement cushion in my bedroom - it makes the bed stand out (and you can never have too many cushions on your bed). Sure, this is VERY bold with all the eyes and would definitely draw a few comments, but I’m all for it and I love the trim around the edges. Plus, black and cream colours go with anything. That said, £42 in the sale is still pretty spenny for me.”

Blot Blue 12 piece dinner set, £66.50 (was £95)

Chosen by Becky Barnes, Audience Editor

“I’ve been waiting for an excuse to replace my mismatch crockery gathered from 11 years of house shares and this sale is the perfect opportunity. This pretty range is still a bit mixed and quirky but now I live on my own, I am looking for something a bit more sophisticated than plates that don’t go together when I have friends for dinner. I love the cheery design of the ‘blot’ range.”

Nadia Rattan Storage Chest, (was £195, now £97.50)

Chosen by Nancy Groves, Life Editor

“When bed-buying for my flat, I eyed up Habitat’s rattan double for weeks, but eventually bottled out of going for the full 1970s look. However, this trunk will be perfect at the end of the solid oak bed I did opt for – and, with some lavender bags inside it, will keep my winter blankets nice and fresh till I need them next. Which, with the weather as it currently is, will surely be the day after tomorrow.”

Hendricks Orange Velvet Sofa, £1,120 (was £1,600)

Chosen by Brogan Driscoll, Editor of HuffPost Finds

“I love the idea of having a statement sofa, but this burnt orange is grown-up, sophisticated way to embrace the trend – apologies to everyone who went with pink velvet. It looks incredibly comfy and would go really nicely with some of my statement cushions, which are mustard, grey and navy. I like that the arms are quite wide too, I’d have to resist resting my cup of tea and biscuits on there – a perfect spot for my imaginary cat (meaning my future cat, not a cat I pretend to have).”

Buy it now.

Brodi Dressing Table, £125 (was £250)

Chosen by Louise Whitbread, Lifestyle Reporter for HuffPost Finds

“My first pick is this Brodi Dressing Table. As a skincare and makeup fanatic, finding the room both to store my stuff and have it ready to meticulously apply is tricky, as my converted attic bedroom with its sloped walls doesn’t allow for tall wardrobes or cupboards. I love how this looks a little bit like a coffee table too, I don’t have room for both so this ticks all the boxes.”

Sintra 12 Piece Dining Set, £88 (was £110)

Chosen by Rachel McGrath, Entertainment Reporter

“I’ve just moved into a new flat and in doing so, my housemate and I brought a smorgasbord of random kitchen stuff into our new (more grown-up) abode. Our plates cupboard in particular is shameful and it would be a breach of trading standards to refer to our mismatched collection (which includes just two bowls and three side plates) as “dinnerware”. It’s time, I think, for an actual grown-up set and the Sintra collection ticks all the boxes – it’s bright, summery, not too matchy-matchy and (most importantly) will make my food look fancy AF.”

Buy it now.

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