Halal Nail Polishes: These Certified Varnishes Are Available To Buy In The UK

#HalalPaint is here.

Halal nail polish is hitting the headlines due to an exciting collaboration between Orly and lifestyle blog MuslimGirl.com in the US.

But did you know, you can buy Halal certified polishes right here in the UK?

Orly launched their Halal certified Breathable Treatment + Color collection in March and it is available to buy from Graftons for £12 a bottle.

The 18 shade earned it’s Halal certification by being air and water permeable - which means it doesn’t block water used for Wudu abulation before prayer.

Orly also claim the polish, which was inspired by the technology of a contact lens, also helps nails to stay moisturised and promotes growth.

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Maya Cosmetics also offers a range of halal certified and Wudu-friendly polishes, for £11.99 a bottle.

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