All Mums Will Be Able To Relate To This Terrifying Halloween Costume


A Halloween costume has gone viral as mums around the world find it the most relatable thing they’ve possibly ever seen.

Rachael Fansler Beachy shared the picture of her friend’s daughter Lainie dressed up as an “exhausted mum” for the 31 October holiday.

The schoolgirl, from Indiana, USA, has nailed the finer nuances of the “mum” costume with dark bags under her eyes, a needy child clinging to her leg and vomit on her shoulder.

It’s like looking in the mirror on a Monday morning.

Beachy captioned the photo: “I’m dead! This is the best costume I’ve ever seen! Someone give her what she’s earned. I’d say stretch marks, hemorrhoids, and a front butt, but a prize will be awesome!”

The post has been liked over 170,000 times as mums around the world wonder when do we get a prize for looking this good all year round?

Commenter Kirsty Mcquade Hunter said: “Oh wow you have got that off to a tee. The baby at the leg. That is my son at the minute. You deserve to win any competition!”

Dani Massaro said: “That is enough to scare any teen off having a baby.”

All Lainie needs to complete the look is a cold cup of coffee that has been reheated three times.