Hannah Waddingham Reveals Daughter's 'Beautiful' Words That Moved Her To Tears

The Ted Lasso star said she "couldn’t stop crying"... even if she did get "second billing" to a certain chart-topping singer.
Hannah Waddingham at Apple's Emmys after-party earlier this week
Hannah Waddingham at Apple's Emmys after-party earlier this week
David Livingston via Getty Images

Hannah Waddingham has given a rare insight into her family life, revealing her eight-year-old daughter recently moved her to tears with a “beautiful” comment.

The Ted Lasso star is largely private when it comes to her home life, but during an interview on Michelle Visage’s BBC podcast Rule Breakers, shared an anecdote about her daughter.

“[She said] the most beautiful thing yesterday,” Hannah recalled. “She’s eight years old and she said, ‘mummy, we were talking at school about who inspires us, and I said Harry Styles and you’.”

“I mean, I was slightly gutted about being second billing, I mean nobody can beat Harry, he’s ridiculously hot,” Hannah joked, adding: “But I was taken aback.

“I said, ‘baby girl, you have literally made my day, my week, my month, and my year. You know mummy struggles with being away from you’, and she went, ‘yes, but mummy, you’ve got to go away and do all the things, so we can do all our things!’.”

She continued: “I got off the phone and lay in the bath and had a big boo! I really did! I couldn’t stop crying, I just thought, ‘thank god’.

“I mean, we will get into the fact that I had second billing to Harry Styles when I get home!”

When Hannah won the Emmy for her performance in Ted Lasso in 2021, she said she would keep the award in her daughter’s bedroomto show her that her mummy will only ever be away when it’s for a really, blooming good reason”.

“I think it shows her, when she’s older, she just has to fight that little bit harder and magical things happen,” Hannah said.

During the same interview, Hannah also opened up about how she got her own back on a teacher who doubted her future as a screen actor, and another who gave her a “complex” about her appearance.


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