'F*** It!': Hannah Waddingham Had A Hilarious Reaction To Her Oliviers Blunder

Rather than style it out, the Ted Lasso star decided to lean into the chaos.
Hannah Waddingham on stage at the 2024 Oliviers
Hannah Waddingham on stage at the 2024 Oliviers

Hannah Waddingham has once again charmed everyone thanks to her hosting skills at this year’s Oliviers.

After her first time hosting the Oliviers led to an award-winning stint at the helm of Eurovision, Hannah returned to the theatre-centric ceremony on Sunday night, where she won everyone over for the second consecutive year.

While viewers in the UK had to make do with a highlights show, international theatre fans were able to watch the ceremony live on YouTube – including a moment the Ted Lasso star suffered an embarrassing slip-up.

And rather than style it out, the Emmy winner instead decided to lean into the mishap.

“Blargh! Fuck it, I knew I’d get it wrong!” Hannah declared after stumbling over her words, to rapturous laughs and applause from the audience.

“Don’t clap!” she then urged the theatre fans and performers in attendance. “Honestly! Oh my god!

“It’s like when you go and have a pee and then you’ve broken the seal! It’s going to happen all over the place now!”

She then insisted: “And I haven’t had a drink!”

Elsewhere in the ceremony, Hannah gave us one of the night’s more relatable moments when she seemed a little distracted by nominee Andrew Scott.

“I’ve just seen somebody who makes me feel a bit giddy!” she shared. “Hellooooo! I mean… good evening, Mr Andrew Scott.”

She then made a reference to the Irish star’s iconic Fleabag character (apparently she missed his recent message for fans of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s award-winning comedy).

Before the ceremony was even underway, Hannah won praise when she called out a male photographer on her way into the event.

Meanwhile, the night’s winners included Nicole Scherzinger, Mark Gatiss and Succession star Sarah Snook.


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