Flower Maths Puzzle: Adults Debate Over Answer To Difficult Question Aimed At Children

We have the answer, too.

Yet another maths problem aimed at kids is proving too difficult for adults to answer.

The puzzle in question, that requires children to work out the values of different flowers in algebra-style, was uploaded to Facebook on 15 June.

Although it hasn't been stated what age group the question is aimed at, it's certainly sparked a debate as to what the answer actually is.

So here we go.

The majority have agreed that the red flower is worth 20.

The blue flower in the second line is worth five and the yellow flowers in the third line are worth one each.

Yet the issue seems to lie in the final line, where the blue flower has four petals instead of five.

People have been debating in the comments what the answer is (and it hasn't been easy).

Daily Mail Australia gave the question to Professor Leon Poladian, from the University of Sydney's mathematics department.

According to the professor, the answer is in fact, 81.

Did you get it right?

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