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‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ Tickets: How To See JK Rowling’s New Play

We're sorry, but it's not going to be easy.

‘Harry Potter’ fans, the time is finally here - new play ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ has finally opened in the West End.

Fans lucky enough to see the first night of previews had nothing but brilliant things to say, and on Tuesday (26 July), the critics gave their verdict, which was pretty much a unanimous thumbs up.

When they went on sale last year, demand was overwhelming, and it came as no surprise when devotees of the wizarding world snapped up all available seats in record time.

Twitter/Harry Potter And The Cursed Child
Jamie Parker, Noma Dumezweni and Paul Thornley play Harry, Hermione and Ron

All hope is not lost though, and if you don’t already have tickets, then there’s still a few ways to grab them- though be warned, you may be in for a rather long wait.

Here’s our guide to buying tickets for ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’...

1. Remember it’s in two parts 

While ‘Harry Potter’ devotees probably know this already, the fact ‘The Cursed Child’ is actually two separate productions means you can either watch both in one day, on consecutive days, or totally separate ones.

Keep this in mind when booking, as if you don’t mind seeing part one and then waiting, you may be able to get your hands on returned tickets.

2. Here’s where to buy tickets 

The good news is that the official websites to purchase them from are here. The bad news? Availability is extremely limited and at present, there are just a handful of seats, and most are for Thursdays and Fridays in March 2017.
Don’t panic though, as while booking is currently open until
27 May 2017, it looks unlikely that the play will close then.

3. What’s the Friday Forty all about?

Every Friday at 1pm, 40 tickets for the following week will go on sale hereThey’ll bag you a seat for both parts, on the same day, and are priced super cheap, at just £30 altogether during previews (7 June - 30 July), and £40 altogether after that.

4. Will there be any returns? 

In the event that somebody can’t go and returns their ticket to the Palace Theatre, it’ll be up for grabs, on a first come, first served basis. In other words, you’re going to need to be very, very lucky.

They’ll be popping up online as and when they’re available - so keep your eyes peeled! - or in person at the box office.

See more information on ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ here.

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