‘Harry Potter’ Actor Josh Herdman Makes Surprising Career Change

What would Professor Dumbledore say?

‘Harry Potter’ star Josh Herdman has embarked upon a surprising career change, making his debut as a cage-fighter.

The actor found fame as a child star back in 2001, when he appeared as Draco Malfoy’s loyal pal Goyle in the first movie.

However, it looks like he’s decided to put his acting days behind him, and over the weekend made his MMA debut, getting off to a good start by beating opponent Janusz Walachowski, in a fight that took place in Romford.

The Mirror reports that Josh discussed his career change, saying: “I’ve been training traditional Japanese jujitsu for nearly five years and hold a shodan black belt.

<strong>Josh as Goyle</strong>
Josh as Goyle
Warner Bros.

“It’s raw, exciting and unpredictable. I find it more interesting than boxing although I appreciate the beauty and art in boxing. It also made sense to move onto MMA because of my jujitsu training.”

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