'I'm A Celebrity': 16 Reasons Why We All Fell For King Of The Jungle Harry Redknapp

Aka. Mr Jam Roly Poly Pudding.

It’s official: we love Harry Redknapp – and after the ‘I’m A Celebrity’ final, we’re certainly not alone.

The football manager was crowned King Of The Jungle during Sunday night’s final, beating fellow campmates Emily Atack and John Barrowman.

While he already had an army of fans thanks to his football career, he also won over a whole new legion of supporters during his time in camp, and as Harry celebrates his win, here’s a closer look at how he managed to romp to victory.

1. He brought an oft-overlooked British pudding back into the public consciousness

2. And after being deprived in the jungle, it was all the sweeter when he finally got a taste of it


3. His moaning at every food item in camp was 100% relatable

4. This story of how he inadvertently snubbed Prince Harry


5. His dedication to his wife, Sandra, was beyond adorable

6. And his love for her was so strong that he felt uncomfortable seeing the female campmates in swimwear

7. Even if he did once run her over by mistake


8. Their reunion in camp was almost too much to handle

9. This

10. His unlikely bromance with Noel Edmonds (which even extended to letting him rub his cramping foot)

11. His (attempts at) flossing

12. When he volunteered to take the worst job in camp (cleaning out the dunny, for the unaware) because he doesn’t have a sense of smell

13. His ability to crack a joke at the worst moment possible

14. When he used a bar of soap to wash his bum and then offered it to Fleur

15. Two words: MC Hazza

16. This nugget of TV gold (answers on a postcard if you can tell what he’s saying - we’re still stumped)

'I'm A Celebrity' Winners

'I'm A Celebrity' Winners


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