19/05/2017 09:11 BST | Updated 19/05/2017 10:10 BST

Harry Styles' Carpool Karaoke Features String Vests, Tears And A Re-Enactment Of ‘Titanic’ (What’s Not To Love?)


Harry Styles’ solo Carpool Karaoke is finally here and if you hadn’t already fallen for his charms, then we think this might just do it.

The 23-year-old is no stranger to sitting in a car and cruising around LA with James Corden, having already starred in the skit alongside his One Direction band mates, but this time Harry gets to sit up front.

This means we’re treated to him and James belting out a number of songs from his eponymously-titled debut solo album, including his recent number one single ‘Sign Of The Times’ and album track ‘Sweet Creature’ (his mum’s favourite, bless).


But never mind the music (as good as it is), what we’re really here for is the sight of Harry and James swapping clothes, which gifts us all with the sight of the former boybander in (a) a string vest (which he manages to pull off, eventually) and (b) a skin tight gold top (a look that nobody, not even Harry, can get away with).

Throw into the mix the pair re-enacting scenes from some of our favourite rom-coms, including ‘Notting Hill’ (Harry’s impression of Julia Roberts is uncanny) and ‘Titanic’, and well, what’s not to love?

Click on the video below to watch the clip in full.

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