Heartstopper’s Season Two Trailer Teases What’s Next For Nick, Charlie And The Gang

The second instalment of Netflix’s heartwarming queer romance story will debut next week, and we can’t wait.

The first full-length trailer for Heartstopper’s much-anticipated second season has finally arrived.

Netflix’s coming-of-age romantic drama, which is based on the hit graphic novel series by Alice Oseman, tells the story of Charlie (Joe Locke), who develops a crush on his fellow pupil Nick (Kit Connor), a popular rugby star, when they’re seated next to each other in class.

The show proved a massive success with viewers when it debuted last spring, with audiences praising its celebration of young queer love.

Season two is set to arrive on the streaming platform on 3 August, and according to the trailer, it will follow Charlie and Nick as they navigate the challenges of being a couple, while also preparing for prom and heading off to Paris on a school trip.

Joe Locke and Kit Connor in the second season of Heartstopper
Joe Locke and Kit Connor in the second season of Heartstopper

In one scene, we see a loved-up Charlie happily yelling “I have a boyfriend!”, prompting his friend Tao (William Gao) to sarcastically hit back: “Yes, we’re all fully aware.”

But while Charlie is (literally) shouting out about his relationship for all to hear, Nick is yet to open up about his new boyfriend to his friends and family.

“I want to tell people,” he says to Charlie, adding: “It’s hard to find the right time.”

Sympathetic to Nick’s situation, Charlie responds considerately, telling him: “I want you to come out, when and how you want to.”

Meanwhile Elle (Yasmin Finney) is trying to make Tao aware that she has feelings for him, but he is very conscious of the fact that a romance will drastically alter their friendship.

“If this doesn’t work out, I lose my best friend in the whole world,” he says.

Elle and Tao in Heartstopper season two
Elle and Tao in Heartstopper season two

Elsewhere at school, Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) are having relationship struggles of their own: the former is ready to say “I love you”, while the latter is not so good at speaking out about her feelings.

Heartstopper’s second season will also introduce us to four new cast members. Leila Khan will play Sahar Zahid, a pupil at Higgs Girls School, while Bradley Riches will appear as James McEwan, a student at Truham Grammar School where Charlie and Nick attend.

Jack Barton, who has appeared in Netflix’s The Letter For The King and the BBC’s adaptation of The Pursuit Of Love, will play Nick’s older brother David, plus Nima Taleghani will appear as Truham teacher Mr. Farouk.

Heartstopper season two will be available to stream on Netflix from 3 August; season one is available now.


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