Here's How Many Of Us Are Actually Having Sex This Valentine's Day

Love might not be in the air for everyone...
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Let’s be real, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, many of us are hoping for some extra special time with our partner.

And if for those of you cursing the most loved up day of the year, you might be pleased to know that according to a new survey, sex is actually off the cards for a lot of couples this Valentine’s Day.

Yes really - sexual wellness brand Lovehoney found that even though Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year, it’s only the third most popular celebration that causes couples to get hot and heavy in the bedroom.

Despite almost two thirds of the survey’s 2000 respondents saying that they celebrate Valentine’s Day by getting it on with their partner, and as many as 39% of respondents said sex isn’t something they do to celebrate this occasion.

However, Valentine’s Day has been named the top occasion where people celebrate by trying new things in the bedroom, with 64% of respondents saying their sex on February 14th is more adventurous than normal.

The survey also found that as many as one in seven (13%) adults celebrate occasions by participating in a threesome to spice up their sex.

Here are the celebrations that get our blood racing
Here are the celebrations that get our blood racing

According to Lovehoney’s survey, birthdays are the most common celebration that leads to people having sex, with 64% of respondents saying they’ve had sex on their own birthday, and 63% on their partner’s birthday.

We wouldn’t recommend hoping for a Halloween hook-up however, as only 30% of respondents said that they had sex on the spookiest day of the year (maybe it’s all down to your costume choice?).

And if you relate to the one third of participants (36%) who said that they actually feel pressure to have sex and perform when it’s a special occasion, Dr. Justin Lehmiller, has shared his advice with Lovehoney to help.

“When you start having sex out of obligation, this can decrease your future sexual desire because, odds are, the sex won’t be great. Obligatory sex can create more issues in your sex life than it solves.

“If sex is starting to feel obligatory in your relationship, it’s time to have a sexual check-in with your partner. What is and isn’t working for you? It’s time to get back into having sex you really want.”