Here's How To Cut And Prep 7 Tricky Vegetables

It's the last time you'll wrestle artichoke, celeriac and spaghetti squash.
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If you've ever picked up an artichoke and thought, 'this looks cool, but I have no idea what to do with it', you're not alone. Unlike carrots and zucchini, some veggies like celeriac and spaghetti squash are intimidating and hard to prepare.

Good news -- there are easy tips to make this whole process easier, meaning you get to add more variety to your diet and meet those five serves of veg a day.

So, the next time you go to the fruit and veggie shop, divert your eyes from the standard carrots, zucchini and capsicum, and try celeriac (a root in the same family as celery), spaghetti squash (which resembles spaghetti when cooked) and cassava (a starchy root veggie similar to sweet potato).

How to use these seven vegetables:

  • Use celeriac in soups, mash, salad, gratin or as chips;
  • Use artichoke in pasta, dips, salad, stews, on pizza, or steamed and dipped in butter;
  • Use beetroot in salad, chocolate cake, sandwiches, soup, risotto or dips;
  • Use kohlrabi in fritters, frittatas, pasta sauces, soup, roasted with veggies, or eat raw with salt;
  • Use cassava in fritters, bread, mash or roasted as chips;
  • Use corn in Mexican dishes, salsa, salad, fritters, stir fry or on baked potatoes;
  • Use spaghetti squash in pasta dishes, pad Thai, salad, frittata, on toast, or stuffed and roasted with lamb, pine nuts and mushrooms
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