Here's The Exact Time You Can See The Northern Lights Across The UK Tonight

The incredible display will be visible again on Monday evening.
Payton Cooney/St Leonard's School via PA Media

If you missed out last night’s incredible views of the Northern Lights across the UK, fear not – the stunning display is set to return again this evening (Monday 27 February).

On Sunday evening (26 February), the Aurora Borealis were seen as far south as Cornwall, with Scotland bagging the best views of the night.

And it’s safe to say that the sights were absolutely breathtaking.

The Met Office has confirmed that for those of you who missed out last night, the Aurora Borealis could reappear tonight (Monday).

In a tweet shared yesterday evening, the Met Office said: “The Aurora Borealis may be visible as far south as central England tonight where skies remain clear. The Northern Lights are also likely to be seen again on Monday night.”

To keep up to date with the best times and locations to spot the display this evening, follow @aurorawatchuk on Twitter, where the team of space physicists at Lancaster University share in real-time when the Northern Lights may be visible from the UK.

Meanwhile, The Met Office has said that the polar lights could appear from 7pm tonight and be visible until 4am tomorrow.

If you want to get the best view possible, make sure to find a location with minimal light pollution (city-dwellers we’re talking to you) and a clear view of the northern horizon for the best chance of seeing them for yourself.