Hillary Clinton's Mass Campaign Selfie Captures 2016 Perfectly

'The selfie generation is real, y'all.'

An image showing dozens of Democratic supporters turning their backs on Hillary Clinton in a bid to grab a selfie with the presidential hopeful has been lauded for capturing 2016’s “selfie generation”.

Victor Ng, a designer for the Clinton team, shared the image taken by campaign photographer Barbara Kinney last week in Orlando.

The photograph captioned “2016 ya’ll (sic)”, has been widely shared online, receiving more than 15,400 retweets.

It is not yet clear whether Clinton instigated the photo opportunity or if it was a spontaneous moment.

The photograph capturing fans’ need for taking selfies received mixed responses.

Some people pointed out just how much photography has been changed by the “selfie generation” in the past 10 years, comparing images from 2016 with 2006.

Some observant people spotted the one person in the crowd who did not turn around to take a selfie with the Democrat nominee.

Some felt the image summed up the “future of America”.

The facial expressions of a formally dressed group of people, presumably Clinton’s security detail, did not go unnoticed.

Others said the picture represented our “self obsessed world”.

On Monday night Clinton and her Republican rival, Donald Trump, will go head-to-head in a 90-minute national debate.

More than 100 million people are expected to be tune in.

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