Hillsborough Disaster Verdict Moves Families Of Liverpool Fans To Sing 'You'll Never Walk Alone'

27 years hasn't taken away the hope in their hearts.

Families of the victims killed in the Hillsborough disaster have paid a moving tribute to the 96 fans who died, breaking into a spontaneous chorus of 'You'll Never Walk Alone'.

Campaigners and families assembled outside the inquest in Warrington on Tuesday to sing the emotional rendition of the Liverpool FC anthem after a jury decided the football fans were "unlawfully killed".

They stood waving scarves while some held pictures of their children, who were crushed to death at Sheffield Wednesday’s ground 27 years ago.

After the song, there were chants of "Justice for the 96", marking a turning point in the long-fought campaign by families for the truth about how their loved ones died and who was to blame.

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Conclusions Are Reached On All 96 Deaths At The Hillsborough Inquest

The scenes moved some fans to tears.

The inquest jury of six women and three men delivered their verdicts just after 11am on Tuesday, almost 30 years after the stadium crush, concluding the longest jury proceedings in English legal history and coming after a protracted battle for justice.

The jury, sitting in Warrington, Cheshire, found police planning errors ‘caused or contributed’ to the dangerous situation that developed on the day of the disaster.

Famous footballers, pundits and Liverpudlians paid tribute to the Hillsborough victims.