"This part upsets me because I was so concerned for the safety of people in front of Leppings Lane."
Jury warned about dangers of hindsight and how world of football was very different in 1989.
Twenty eight years is a long time to sustain a fight for justice. It is also extremely difficult when you have to endure the antagonism and hostility of the establishment and mainstream media. The entire Hillsborough experience to date has been one long learning curve for many in respect of developing strategies for navigating a path for truth. It is fair to say that some were better at it than others.
How was this allowed to happen? Horrendously we cannot avoid the conclusion that there is a view that some people in our country don't matter. That they don't count. This is inequality at its most brutal. From the reports, it seems that residents were not heard when they were worried. That the local authority seems to be demonstrating the traits of an arm of the state insufficiently concerned with the dignity of all people, no matter how rich or poor. I am not in west London, I am in Merseyside, but I recognise the anger of people who have been ignored until it's far, far too late.
'It brought the whole thing to the fore again. I understand that'.
Paul Nuttall has revealed he apologised to families of those who died at Hillsborough, after he was forced to retract a claim
The five things you need to know on Wednesday, February 15… 1) HILLSBOROUGH INQUIRIES UKIP leader Paul Nuttall certainly
Other labelled Sraton as a “legend” and called his decision “brilliant”. Scraton joins a host of prominent people who have
Alarming though the prospects for democracy and civil society are under the threat of online fake news disseminated through Google and Facebook, it is important to take a historical long view of the problem. In the past month since the election of Donald Trump, the influence of fake news disseminated by right wing media outlets in America, assisted it would appear by Russia, have caused alarm at the highest level.