16 Things That Prove 2016 Was Peak Hipster

Bring on 2017 for the love of God.

Hipsters have been around for longer than twelve months, but now George Osborne has imposed a ‘hipster tax’ on our G&T, and no one wants the beard trimmer we’ve bought for Christmas, we’re getting a bit fed up.

Here are 16 things that prove 2016 has seen Britain reaching the peak of hipster-dom.

1. This dog who is more foodie than you.

2. This mini fedora made for a man bun.

Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

3. This coffee served in a waffle cone.

4. This vegetable posing as pasta.

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5. These people queueing for a cronut pastry in London.

6. These portraits made from avocado.

7. This cafe that sells only crisps.

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8. These jewels to decorate your beard.

9. This new Marks & Spencer product.

10. This environmentally friendly, organic wedding.

12. These rainbow bagels.

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13. These parents trying to get their kids to call them ‘papa’.

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14. These people trying to make Kit Kat fancy.


15. These people pretending they’d never experienced the concept of cosy before hygge.

16. These gin-filled-baubles for your Christmas tree.

Pickerings Gin

Can’t we just go back to a time before it was legitimate to serve food in a flower pot?