'F***!': Holly Willoughby Issues Apology After F-Bomb Slips Out Live On Dancing On Ice

“I don’t think I did! But I am sorry if that's what you thought you might have heard."
Holly Willoughby got a double fright during Sunday's Dancing On Ice live show
Holly Willoughby got a double fright during Sunday's Dancing On Ice live show

Holly Willoughby had to issue a swift apology on Sunday night, when she inadvertently dropped an F-bomb on Dancing On Ice.

During the live broadcast, Holly was presenting a link with her new co-host Stephen Mulhern, when she told viewers that celebrity contestant Roxy Shadidi would be “hoping to give their opponents the fright of your life” with her Beetlejuice-inspired routine.

To set the mood, Stephen then frightened Holly with a loud noise that she clearly wasn’t expecting, as an audible “fuck” could be heard from the former This Morning star.

Later in the evening, Holly told viewers: “A little bit earlier on, Stephen made me jump and it may have sounded like a naughty word slipped out.”

“I don’t think I did!” the presenter insisted. “But I am sorry if that’s what you thought you might have heard.

“I’ll watch it back on ITV Player [now ITX] because that’s where you can watch these things back.”

Due to time constraints, Sunday’s live show did not feature a skate-off, with the pair who received the lowest combined score from the judges’ and viewers’ votes being sent home immediately.

This led to former S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt being eliminated from the competition, after a Movie Week routine inspired by Disney’s Frozen.

Meanwhile, Love Island winner Amber Davies came in at the top of the leaderboard with a Barbie-fied routine to Billie Eilish’s hit What Was I Made For?.

Dancing On Ice continues on Sunday night at 6.20pm on ITV1.


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