17/05/2017 09:31 BST

Holly Willoughby Had Lunch With Piers Morgan And All Hell Broke Loose In Her Instagram Comments

'How disappointing.'

Holly Willoughby was left rather bemused after being trolled for enjoying lunch with controversial presenter Piers Morgan

The ‘This Morning’ host shared a picture of herself with the ‘Good Morning Britain’ star on her Instagram page, after the pair spent the afternoon together. 

She captioned the snap: “Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan ... Thank you for a wonderful lunch xxx.”

Lovely afternoon with @thepiersmorgan ... Thank you for a wonderful lunch xxx

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However, some of her followers were less than impressed to see the company she was keeping, and let their feelings known by commenting on her picture.  

“How disappointing,” one wrote.  

“I’d like to think a lovely, caring girl like you would’ve given him what for over his pathetic, uneducated and idiotic views concerning Mental Heath,” another said. 

Another wrote: “Oh hols 🙁 I love you but really?! Thought you were all about powerful women!”

“When you’re running a be kind campaign & then you head out to lunch with someone who makes harmful unkind comments on a daily basis,” said another.

“Congrats on being mates with someone who has spent the last few weeks undermining & mocking men with mental health issues,” another added. 

Holly was supported by some fans though, who pointed out she had the right to be friends with whoever she chooses. 

“When did everyone become so perfect and judgemental?! I’m pretty sure each and everyone of us is entitled to an opinion & can to go to lunch with whoever they wish,” one said. 

“You don’t always have to share the same views in order to have a friendship!? @hollywilloughby it takes a lot for a person to still stand by and remain friends with someone who is disliked by so many. Respect,” another wrote. 

Another added: “Why are people being so nasty !! To holly It’s mean she only went to lunch with a friend.”

Piers found the furore rather hilarious, commenting: ”Delightful fun, Ms Willoughby. Though not quite as much as reading the thrilled reaction from your fans...😂😂😂

Clearly shocked at the fuss the picture had made, Holly replied: “I know!!! 😳

Their lunch date came just hours after Piers riled ‘Good Morning Britain’ viewers with his views on gender and race identity, claiming he now identified as a “black, non-binary” person.

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