02/05/2017 09:13 BST | Updated 02/05/2017 09:22 BST

Piers Morgan Eviscerates Nick Clegg Over Tuition Fees During GMB Interview

Politicians be warned.

Clegg appeared exasperated as Morgan questioned his support for trebling tuition fees

Nick Clegg appeared completely exasperated this morning as Piers Morgan badgered him with questions over his previous role in government.

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter tore into the former Lib Dem leader over his support for increasing tuition fees while part of the Coalition between 2010 and 2015.

“A lot of students in the country will look at you and think that was a pretty cynical move to promise to the end of tuition fees and then treble them,” Morgan said. 

Watch the clip, below.

“But I will take you at your word that you are the shining bastian of non-cynicism in an otherwise cesspit of cynicism of Westminster - and thank God you’re here,” Morgan added.

Clegg responded: “Extraordinary man. You’re so pompous, Piers, you really are.”

Viewers tweeted their pleasure over the encounter, with at least one calling for Morgan to become PM.

The exchange came as part of a fifteen minute interview with the former deputy prime minister in which Morgan and co-presenter Susanna Reid challenged Clegg’s opposition to Brexit.

“I think being complacent about the reality is not a good idea when you are trying to pick your way through a rather difficult negotiation,” Clegg said.

Clegg, who will deliver his first major speech of the election campaign later on Tuesday, said he didn’t believe he was “cherry picking” negative statistics to prove his point on Brexit.

“What do people feel? I think what people feel most is if they have got a bit of loose change in their pocket... one again there is a Brexit squeeze on people’s incomes,” he said.