18/05/2021 16:48 BST | Updated 19/05/2021 09:48 BST

Holly Willoughby Left Mortified Over Hilarious Corn On The Cob Confusion

The This Morning presenter's efforts to grow her own veg haven't quite been going to plan.

Holly Willoughby may be many things – a TV presenter, an author and brand ambassador – but a vegetable grower, she is not. 

The This Morning presenter was left mortified on Tuesday’s edition of the ITV daytime show after inadvertently revealing a huge gardening blunder she’d made while trying to grow corn on the cob. 

Holly and co-host Phillip Schofield were fronting a segment about growing your own veg, when Holly admitted she’d been having some trouble with her corns. 

Holly Willoughby has been having some trouble with her corn on the cobs

She explained: “I’ve got some good looking corn on the cob, I mean, the green sprouts are coming out of the top.

“I don’t know what’s happening underneath, that’s the problem, I go to dig them up and nothing’s under there.”

A bemused Phil then said: “Corn on the cob grows off the plant though, not underneath it.”

“Does it?!” Holly questioned. “Well, I’m looking in the wrong place!” 

“It’s not in the root, the corn’s not on the root,” Phil continued.

Exploding into giggles, Holly said: “I thought it was like a carrot! Don’t ask me about carrots.”

Phillip Schofield couldn't get over Holly's confusion 

“No wonder you’re not getting any!” Phil exclaimed. “You’re digging the plant up!”

Calling on the show’s veg expert, Holly cried: “Daisy, help us!” 

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However, they’ve been forced to wait a little longer for their first on-screen hug in over a year, due to a small detail in the government’s rules

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