House Of The Dragon To Fix Green Screen Blunder In The Show's Latest Episode

Paddy Considine in the latest episode of House Of The Dragon
Paddy Considine in the latest episode of House Of The Dragon

House Of The Dragon’s special effects team will edit out a blunder in the latest episode of the Game Of Thrones prequel, bosses have confirmed.

Fans spotted the gaffe after the most recent instalment of House Of The Dragon premiered on streaming services, with two of King Viserys’ fingers looking noticeably greener than usual as he handed over a scroll in one scene.

It was previously revealed in flash-forward sequences that the character loses two fingers, with the team seemingly forgetting to remove actor Paddy Considine’s emerald digits from the final shot.

However, it’s now been confirmed by Variety that HBO Max – where the show is available to stream in the US – will retrospectively remove the editing fail from the episode.

Of course, Game Of Thrones devotees will know this is not the first time the show has been at the centre of an editing snafu.

During the show’s divisive last season in 2019, a shot featuring Daenerys Targaryen sitting down with a take-out coffee cup in front of her managed to make its way into the final cut, going viral among fans of the show.

As with Viserys’ green fingers, the Game Of Thrones team later went back and removed the offending cup from the scene.

Following this, another scene featuring a plastic water bottle sparked a similar online frenzy.

The first three episodes of House Of The Dragon are available to watch now on Sky and the catch-up service Now, with new instalments every Monday.

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