How To Catch A Dog Off Its Lead: Pet Owners Share Their Pearls Of Wisdom

Forget catching Pokémon and focus on catching your pet.

When you let your dog off its lead, there’s always a chance that your four-legged friend is going to bolt in a flurry of excitement.

With this in mind, it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve for catching that pooch when it’s time to come home.

Knowing just how frustrating chasing your disobedient dog around the park can be, pet owners on Reddit have shared their top tips for catching a dog that won’t come back.

alexei_tm via Getty Images

1. Lie down

2. Hold the lead up

3. Run in the opposite direction

4. Walk to the car and open the door

5. Confuse the crap out of them

6. Do NOT chase them

7. Offer fake treats

8. Train your dog