Here’s How To Fake A Clean And Tidy Home With 15 Cheat Products

Psst, you can spruce your space in just a few minutes with these game-changing hacks.
Tidy up in minutes with these simple hacks.
Tidy up in minutes with these simple hacks.

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You’re not disgusting, you’re just kinda messy and not super clean, and that’s fine by us..

Of course, not being a neat freak is all well and good, until guests decide to pop over unexpectedly. Cue absolute mayhem as you try and make your home look respectable in the few short minutes you have before they arrive. It’s total carnage and it feels impossible.

The last thing you want is your parents, work friend, or the person you’ve just started dating to realise how much of a mess your place is and how you really live. The good news is there’s no need to panic.

FYI, it’s actually easier to fake a clean and tidy home than you would think, and it only takes a few short minutes (and the right tools). To cheat your way to cleanliness, here are the must-have products you’ll need.

This velvet ottoman stool
Keep the mess at bay with this handy storage solution. Got guests coming over? Swipe any stuff inside the base, pop the lid on and – voilà! – you've got a clutter-free space.
This odour blasting air freshener
Don't sniff at some good old Febreze. Instead of masking smells, like lots of air fresheners, its ‘odour clear’ technology actually removes them, leaving your home fresh and clean. (And if you've got pets, the Febreze pet spray is fantastic.)
This scent diffusing pod from Neom
Nothing screams unclean like a funky or musty smell (think: a mixture of bin and general stuffiness). Treat yourself to an ultrasonic oil diffuse and simply switch on to diffuse your oil of choice throughout your home.
This speed cleaning mop
For super quick and easy floor sprucing, this mop from Flash is a life-saver. No messing around with buckets of water, simply pop the wipes on to the base and get cleaning.
This citrus-infused cleaning liquid
Whether you’re pouring a lidful into your loo to freshen it up or diluting it and using it to wipe your surfaces, Zoflora smells gorgeous and is super easy to use – which might explains why a TikTok fave.
This handy mini Shark vacuum
When there’s no time to grab your vacuum, a handheld alternative can be a godsend. This sleek, cordless vacuum, which comes with a charging base, is ideal for sucking up those little messes.
These powerful toilet cleaning tabs
No time to give your loo a good old scrub? These deep cleaning tabs simply need dropping into the bowl and they'll do the rest (I've used them and they work like a dream).
This microfibre duster
Instantly polish up your home by swishing this extendable microfibre duster across door frames, lampshades, and ceilings to remove, dust, cobwebs and dirt in seconds when the doorbell goes.
This smart air purifier
Keep bad odours at bay with this simple deodoriser that purifies air and prevents nasty smells from invading your home. Just hang it up and turn it on – it really couldn't be any easier.
These super effective disinfecting wipes
Want to spruce up your surfaces? Dettol's multi-purpose antibacterial wipes are ideal for clearing up any areas of stickiness, dirt or spills. They'll even wipe away floor stains.
This effortless alternative to washing your bedding
Not a fan of washing your bedding super regularly – who is? Then get this fast-acting, powerful antibacterial spray. A gentle spritz will instantly revive your sheets with its antibacterial formula and fresh cotton fragrance.
This rubber broom and dustpan
For easy cleaning, a rubber broom (and dustpan) is super useful. The rubber bristles effortlessly pick up dirt and dust in seconds, meaning it takes far less time to get your floors looking socially acceptable.
This natural room and linen spray
Feel like your sofa, cushions or rugs have a bit of a ‘fuggy’ smell to them? For an instant refresh, spritz them with this all-natural (vegan and cruelty-free) room spray, formulated with a range of deodorising essential oils.
This chic rope storage basket
For hiding the fact you live surrounded by clutter, this is a must-have. Pop any clutter into the basket and neatly fold a blanket on top of it to give the illusion of a tidy home. (This hack can be a real winner when guests turn up unexpectedly.)
This lemongrass and lavender home spray
Feel like your sofa has a bit of a whiff to it? Instantly revive it with this disinfecting, antibacterial fabric spray that’s proven to kill up to 99.99% of germs and viruses. Posh by name...