House Full Of Pets? Buy These Bits To Keep It Tidy and Odour-Free

Remove that ‘pet smell’ from your home once and for all.
Pet parents, these are the must-haves you need to prevent nasty odours and pet-related mess
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Pet parents, these are the must-haves you need to prevent nasty odours and pet-related mess

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Pets bring bags of joy into your life, along with the mess, seriously whiffy smells, and fur absolutely everywhere in your home.

And the reality is you’ll most likely have gone a little ‘nose blind’ to most of the above.

It’s perfectly normal. You get so used to how your pet smells, you don’t notice lingering odours (or the toys, treats, and bedding scattered everywhere) taking over.

So, we’ve rounded up some handy best buys that will help get rid of the pet smells and paraphernalia.

This three tier storage trolley
Don't leave your pet essentials laying around, instead create a pet station, where you can keep all your pet's items, from food and treats to toys and leads.
These cat tray liners
For ease (and to minimise lasting odours caused by urine soaking into the tray), line your cat tray with a liner before filling it with litter. These drawstring liners are a great option.
This silica cat tray litter
For litter that's super absorbent, long-lasting, and has fantastic odour control, silica litter is a great choice. (I use this myself and it works wonders.)
This bacteria-blasting litter tray cleanser
It doesn't matter how often you change your cat's litter tray, if you don't sanitise it the odour will remain. When emptying the tray, spritz it with a pet-safe cleaner, like this one, and swirl out with boiled water, before refilling it.
This steam cleaner
For pet-safe cleaning (that actually works) and neutralising nasty odours, a steam cleaner is a total godsend. (FYI, I speak from experience here.)
This pet vacuum
For removing pet hair from carpets (and furniture too), this Shark vacuum cleaner is a great buy. It features anti-hair wrap technology to prevent clogging, along with a ‘DuoClean’ head to easily suck up debris.
This waterless pet cleaning foam
If you've got a pet who's not a fan of water, this waterless cleaning foam is a real winner. Simply spray it onto your pet, comb it through their fur, and leave it to dry - they'll smell instantly fresher. (I use this on my cats and it works a real treat.)
This Zoflora pet disinfectant
This all-purpose, concentrated cleaning solution is formulated to remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, as well as removing pet odours. For cleaning your floors and removing all signs of pet odours, this is a great buy.
This quirky litter box
Who’d have thought a litter box could look kinda chic? This cat-themed box (which comes with an odour-controlling lid) has a simplistic, neutral design, and should fit perfectly into any space without looking like an eye sore.
These eco-friendly pet wipes
For instantly refreshing your pets, these pet-safe, hypoallergenic wipes (formulated with shea butter, aloe vera, and chamomile) are a great buy. (I use these on my long-haired cat and they work a treat.)
This super powerful (but surprisingly gentle dog shampoo)
If you've got a dog who loves to roll in all the grossest stuff, this incredible shampoo (which gets out even the worst stinks) is a must.
This simplistic cat food container
This airtight cat food container is ideal for storing your kitty kibble in, it's even pretty enough to display (if you lack storage space).
This rechargeable cat tray odour remover
This innovative air purifying powerhouse (which features a movement sensor) is designed to help remove odours from around your cat’s litter tray quickly and effectively.
This super hygienic kitty litter
Featuring active ingredients, this hygiene litter from Catsan is formulated to prevent the growth of bacteria, ensuring that your cat’s litter tray remains as hygienic as possible, while also masking nasty odours.
This innovative cat tray
This hooded cat litter tray is a great way to prevent nasty odours from escaping into the room. Plus, it’s far more hygienic preventing litter from being spread around the house.
This large storage basket
This large storage basket is a great buy if you're looking for chic, neutral pet storage (that won't stick out amongst the rest of your decor).
This dog storage basket
From storing dog toys to blankets and dog bedding, this cotton basket is a super useful buy.
These dog food containers (with scoop)
These rustic-looking dog food and dog treat containers are a great buy if you're going to have your pet food storage containers on display.
This two-pack pet food containers
To prevent pet food going stale (or getting spilt and making a mess), storage containers are a must. For pet food storage, these airtight tubs, complete with an easy pour funnel and a handy measuring cup, are a great option.
This amazing stain and odour remover
Unfortunately, pet related odours (and stains) seem to stick, which is why an enzymatic cleaner, like this one, that features 'pro-bacteria cleaning power' is life-changing.
These deodorising sprays
For hard-to-clean fabrics, the 'pet odour eliminator' (for fabric) from Febreze is a real game-changer. Spritz it onto rugs, sofas, and bedding to eliminate odours. For cleansing the air of pet-related odours, the Febreze pet air spray is a great choice.