Women Are Sharing How They Realised They Were Pregnant: 'My Cat Knew Before I Did!'

From falling asleep on the loo at work to a happy surprise in Costa Coffee.
Adam Kuylenstierna via Getty Images/EyeEm Premium

Women are sharing the moment they realised they were pregnant – and the stories are a far cry from your average scene in a pregnancy test advert.

The discussion started on Twitter when comedy writer Kristen Van Nest asked women to share their experiences.

“I feel like every movie has the character vomiting in a sink, but I heard this is highly uncommon IRL,” she said. “If we wanted to write more authentic scenes, what would those be?”

Soon, more than 1,500 women replied with their pregnancy stories.

Of course, finding out you’re pregnant is a very different experience for women who don’t want to be.

And as author Libby Page pointed out, if you’ve been actively trying to conceive, you’re probably taking regular pregnancy tests anyway.

But the thread is also full of women who had “happy surprises”, or those who experienced symptoms before a test confirmed all.

For many it was the overwhelming tiredness that made them cotton on, with Labour MP Jess Phillips admitting she fell asleep on the loo at work when pregnant with her second child.

Many others detailed sudden changes in food preferences, with several women describing the sudden desire to eat meat for the first time in years, or the sudden rejection of it.

Others described an almost “sixth sense”, feeling an urge to change habits or activities that wouldn’t be advised for pregnant women, or dreaming about pregnancy.

And apparently, our pets can also share these senses, with a few women saying their cats and dogs were ahead of the game.

Several women described having a hungover feeling that lasted for days.

And the lucky mums in the thread knew they were pregnant when someone else told them they looked great.

There were also a lot of stories about women developing a super human sense of smell.

Among the women trying to conceive, several recalled counting down the days until they could take a test, with one woman even discovering she was pregnant in the Costa Coffee toilets.

Women undergoing fertility treatment and those who’ve miscarried also shared their experiences.

It seems no two pregnancy stories are the same, so this script writer has plenty of inspiration to work with.