For people struggling with fertility, pursuing parenthood is a negotiation with heartbreak.
“I knew in my gut that something was really wrong — we just couldn’t seem to figure out what it was.”
"The very last thing that occurred to me was that our child, so long-awaited and wished-for, could tip me into an emotional free fall."
The popularity of the procedure has risen by 64%.
“'But,' my breath caught, 'he’s the baby’s father.' 'The sperm bank has many other great donors,' the nurse assured me."
"My husband was panicking because he knew that when you’ve got a heart-shaped womb, carrying one baby is difficult, let alone two."
After eight years of struggling in silence, Des and Emily have shared their story with the world in the new TV series, Alex Jones: Making Babies.
Every situation is different. We asked people who've been on both sides what they think is best.
Carolyn's daughter Rosie died from an autoimmune condition in 2003. Years later, in her late forties, she decided it was time to try for another baby.
The video looks like science fiction, but experts in the field tell us it's not such a leap after all.