How To Make A Christmas Dinner In A Mug In Just Five Minutes

Yes, really.

Anyone who’s ever spent hours agonising over whether or not the Christmas dinner is ready to be served, will know just how tricky it is to get timings right.

Are the potatoes crunchy enough? Will the turkey dry out? Are my sprouts too soggy?

But for those who’d rather focus on playing boardgames and drinking red wine than the oven timer, we may have a solution.

Former Masterchef star Theo Michaels has created Christmas Dinner In A Mug, managing to cook the entire festive feast in just five minutes in a mug.

The recipe contains all the traditional ingredients: turkey, stuffing, sprouts, parsnips, pancetta and cranberry sauce.

He begins by lining the mug with strips of pancetta, before adding various layers of food and sealing with a criss-cross of the ends of pancetta.

According to Michaels, the recipe is perfect for those spending Christmas alone - sob! - or as “a little pre-Christmas lunch to get you into the festive spirit!”.

This isn’t the only meal Michaels has created in a mug, check out his book ‘Microwave Mug Meals’ for more.