How To Delete Yourself (And Your Searches) From Google's Memory

Your Google account is a powerful tool. Through tracking and artificial intelligence it helps shapes Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube into the service that you see today.

There is however a downside to all of this, and that is that to do all that Google tracks pretty much every action you take within its services.


So if you play a YouTube video, search for an image or translate a piece of text Google keeps a record of everything.

If this, rather understandably, fills you with dread then don’t panic. The company has released a website called My Activity which shows in detail your activity through Google’s many services.

That includes every search you’ve ever made, every YouTube video you’ve ever watched and more.

Now if that worries you then don’t panic because My Activity was created to give you control over all of this.

You can now login, review and delete these activities individually giving you far more control over your online activity and Google’s tracking of it.

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