18 Easy Ways To Revive Your Wardrobe And Make Your Clothes Last Longer

Upcycling your wardrobe is actually far easier than you’d think
Give your wardrobe a seasonal refresh — without actually buying any new clothes!
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Give your wardrobe a seasonal refresh — without actually buying any new clothes!

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Aah, spring! As much as I love the weather improving, I’m determined not to end up unnecessarily buying a whole new wardrobe. Instead, I’m intent on just updating the pieces I’ve already got — and putting the money I will have saved towards my Aperol Spritz fund.

From bringing that battered pair of white trainers back to life — rather than forking out on new ones — to giving old clothes a new lease of life by dying them an on-trend hue, these tips and tricks are sure to help you revive and upcycle your existing wardrobe.

Use fabric scissors to turn a pair of old jeans into trendy raw-edge shorts
If you’re trimming fabric, then you’ll definitely need some dressmaking scissors. This heavy-duty pair comes in three different sizes, and will be more than capable of cutting through that tough old pair of jeans that you’re looking to upcycle into some summer shorts.
And apply this handy solution to the hem to avoid excess fraying
There’s no need to worry about hemming your shorts if you’re after more of a distressed look, and a raw-edge finish. But this colourless liquid strengthens and binds fabric surfaces to help prevent any more fraying than necessary.
Or use iron-on webbing to create a proper hem — without having to sew
But if you do want a clean, hemmed finish, there’s no need to stress if you haven’t got a sewing machine. Boasting over 10,000 five-star reviews, this hemming web offers the perfect sew-free solution for fabric and garment bonding, and is applied using a standard iron.
Use fabric dye to easily revive or completely change the colour of an item of clothing
Are there any items in your wardrobe that you’d definitely use more if they were a different colour? If so, it’s time to pick your preferred Dylon fabric dye shade, and get to work. Super easy to use, simply put the damp fabric into the washing machine drum, place the pod on top with the sleeve removed and lid peeled off, run a full cycle at a maximum of 40 degrees, and then run the same cycle again with your usual detergent.
Learn how to embroider summer-themed motifs onto clothing with this kit
Embroidery is actually much easier than it looks, and offers a great way to jazz up your jeans, jacket, or boring white t-shirt. With this brilliant kit, you’ll have everything you need to stitch up to 19 different simple yet eye-catching designs onto your chosen piece of clothing.
And for all stitching projects, it’s worth using an embroidery hoop
Embroidery hoops come in a wide range of sizes, and are essential for holding your fabric in place while you work. Plus, they can also be used as frames for displaying your favourite cross stitch and embroidery designs.
Use this versatile powder to remove stains and restore brightness to white clothing
Last weekend, I dug my beloved white jeans out from the back of my wardrobe, and was devastated to discover that they really weren’t in great shape. However, after using this incredible powder to pre-treat and soak the various grass and fake tan stains – as well as adding a scoop to my wash alongside my detergent – I’m delighted to report that they’re now sparkly white, and completely stain-free.
Remove any bobbles and fluff from your favourite jumpers
Let’s be honest — we’re not packing away the jumpers quite yet. Jumpers are still definitely needed in Spring, so you might want to give your favourite ones a bit of TLC to celebrate the start of the new season. This fabric comb will remove any excess fluff, and can even be used on cashmere.
Or make it an even easier task by using a handheld electric shaver
But if you’re also thinking about de-bobbling a few blankets while you’re at it, then swap the comb for this battery-powered shaver, which gets the job done far quicker. It’ll make light work of any pills, fuzz, and bobbles, and leave the fabric looking good as new.
Nab some nifty converter clips to make your standard bras work with racerback tops
It’s no surprise that racerback vest tops and racerback styles are set to be popular again this year. If (like me) you’ve got too much bust to go braless – but don’t want those pesky straps showing – you should definitely add these converter clips to your basket. They’re far more comfortable and less expensive than a strapless bra.
If you’re looking for an easy embellishment, give iron-on patches a go
Add a pinch or personalisation to your favourite jacket, bag, or hat, with these sparkly iron-on patches. They’re available in every letter, and don’t require a needle and thread.
Swap buying new white trainers for fixing your old ones instead
White trainers are a spring essential – but before you rush to buy a new pair, how about seeing if you can bring last year’s back to life? The Crep Protect Cleaning Kit comes with a brush, the 100ml cleaning solution, and a microfibre cloth, and will genuinely leave your shoes sparkling.
And replace those dirty laces with some brand new ones
If your laces are still looking a little grey after a spin in the washing machine, it might be time to buy some new ones. These laces come in lengths to suit all different kinds of shoes, as well as twenty-three different colours.
Save big money on your holiday shopping by making your own tie dye beach outfit
Although vibrant and retro beach cover ups seem to be big this year, I often just can’t justify their expensive price tag. So, instead, I’m planning on using this bestselling kit to turn a standard white shirt or sarong into a custom tie dye piece that’s perfect for the beach.
If you’re off to a festival, definitely bedazzle your denim with some iridescent beads
These gems have been designed in celebration of Pride, and come in multiple different iridescent colours and shapes. Great for festivals, they can be used on your face, body, hair, and nails – but would also make a great addition to a denim jacket.
And apply them with a hot glue gun to ensure they’re secure
If you’re applying gems to your skin or nails, you can just use eyelash glue and tweezers. But to ensure they stay put on fabric, I’d recommend going for a hot glue gun.
Or use this hand embroidery kit to add a pretty floral design directly to your denim
But if you’re looking for a slightly more subtle and elegant style of embellishing, then this kit is worth checking out. Inside, you'll find a 15cm craft hoop, a needle, embroidery threads in your chosen colours, this gorgeous daisy template that simply soaks off in water, and all the necessary instructions.
Perfect the fit of your belts and shoes with this leather hole punch
If you’re looking to use a standard belt around your waist – rather than your hips – then you’ll want to make sure it does up tightly by using this clever leather hole punch.