These 21 Eco-Friendly Products Will Clean Your Home In A Way That’s Kinder To The Environment

Fed up with those eye-watering bleach smells? These products will help turn your cleaning routine green.
These eco-friendly products will transform your cleaning routine.
These eco-friendly products will transform your cleaning routine.

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Whether you’re fed up with the eye-watering smell of bleach or you’re simply just looking to swap to more natural alternatives, what better time than World Earth Day to give your cleaning products a cleaner and greener upgrade?

From floor cleaner and anti-bac sprays to biodegradable sponges and completely compostable washing up liquid (yes, even the bottle), these eco-friendly cleaning products still do the job, whilst being gentle to the planet – as well as any little ones or paws you have running about the house, too.

But, if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry because I’ve got you covered with these staple eco cleaning products...

You’ll only need one cleaning bottle for life with these eco drops.
This ultimate set from OceanSaver comes with a pack of 10 Eco Drops, including anti-bac, multi-purpose spray, kitchen degreaser, bathroom, and floor cleaner. Also, get set with five bottles, that you can keep for life – just add your drops and water, then shake and spray.
With an average star rating of 4.4, these eco-friendly dishwasher tabs are one to add to your basket.
Dishwasher users can say bye-bye to plastic waste as these eco-friendly dishwasher tablets contain no toxic chemicals whilst still doing an effective job. Made from plant and mineral based ingredients, one tab is all you need as they even include rinse aid and dishwasher salts.
No more strong bleach or chlorine smells, this natural cleaning powder can be used to clean your floors, tiles and even counters.
You can wave goodbye to the cleaning bottles cluttering your cupboards, as this product arrives in a tiny all-natural bag. Made with good bacteria, you can feel assured that your living space is safe and healthy – even for the little ones and your furry friends.
This glass cleaner will leave your windows sparkling.
With a bottle made from recycled plastic and a formula packed with powerful plant-based ingredients, it’s no surprise this cleaner is a staple for leaving your windows and shiny surfaces glistening and streak-free.
This eco toilet rimblock lasts for 250 flushes
Want to leave your toilet (and bathroom) with a long-lasting smell of freshly cut geraniums? This eco toilet block from Marcel’s Green Soap will get you one step closer to you achieving a green, clean home. It also lasts for up to 250 flushes.
Who says carpet shampoo can’t be eco too?
Whether you’re spot cleaning or looking to hit refresh on your whole floor, this 3-in-1 EcoZone carpet shampoo works to remove any stains, spills, or even mud from its fibres, whilst neutralising any bad odours at the same time. It’s also quick drying, so you won’t have to avoid it for too long – it’s a win, win.
Give your washing machine a refresh with these detox tablets.
Using just one of these tabs will detox and clean your washing machine for smooth operation all month long, removing limescale build-up, soap scum, whilst cleaning pipes and deodorising smells.
Forget your kitchen roll, these bamboo paper towels are reusable.
Lasting the equivalent of 65 single use kitchen rolls, these thick, absorbing bamboo towels are completely washable and reusable making them a great addition to an eco-friendly kitchen.
This widely loved Method shower spray is a cleaning cult classic.
Not only is the shower cleaning spray made using plant-based green power technology, it’s also super easy (and we all love easy cleaning, right?). Just spritz after your daily shower and leave it to work its magic, no scrubbing or wiping needed.
Wash your dishes in the zero waste way.
If you’re endlessly throwing away your grubby washing up sponges, invest in these biodegradable and compostable versions. Doing the same job as your regular sponge, with a sisal scouring pad and a natural cotton base, these stronger and more absorbing alternatives are made to last longer.
Transition into a low waste lifestyle with this wooden washing up brush set
Depending on the level of scrubbing you need, choose between three interchangeable brush heads, all made from responsibly sourced beech wood and natural fibres. The set also comes with a reusable and biodegradable loofah sponge, which boasts a cotton loop for easy drying.
Get your hands on these plastic-free rubber cleaning gloves.
Get your clean on, without even getting your hands wet or dirty, with this long-lasting rubber gloves. Not only are these washing up gloves eco-friendly, but they are also 100% compostable, so after you’re finished your deep clean, they will break down over time.
Use this cream cleaner throughout your house, from glass and stainless steel to hard surfaces.
Whether you’re scrubbing the tub or giving your kitchen a deep clean, this product works to tackle water stains, grease, and soap residue.
Clear out your plugholes with these EcoZone drain clearing sticks.
Prevent any obstructions and keep your water flowing freely with these convenient drain unblocking sticks. Deodorising with a fresh and zesty scent, they work to break down grease, soap scum and food with its natural bacteria and enzymes. Just drop one down the plughole and let it work its magic.
Forget detergent, let me introduce you to these powerful liquid-less laundry sheets.
Containing up to 90% water, these are not only great for the environment but also great for those with sensitive skin as they don’t include the some of the usual nasties found within laundry products.
One squeeze of this Ecover washing up liquid is enough for a sink full of dirty dishes.
Scented with lemon and aloe, this washing up liquid is great if you’re looking for a cleaner clean. Safe for those with sensitive skin, this greener alternative has been made using plant-based ingredients (of course) and only needs one squeeze to get the job done.
Or this zero-plastic option is completely biodegradable.
If you don’t mind paying the slightly higher price tag, this option from Eco-Mate is fully biodegradable, which comes in an entirely cardboard bottle (yes, you did hear that right) that can be cut-up, composted or recycled at home. With a sharp pink grapefruit scent, this liquid might be 100% plant-based but it still does the job. Its concentrated formula means that a little goes a long way, cutting through grease and burnt-on stains that just won’t budge.
Use these sustainable wipes for cleaning your household electronics.
With no harmful chemicals, that can cause damage to your screens, these gentle wipes allow you to safely clean your electronics of dirt, grease, and grime.
Get a four to six cleaning supply with this pack of four multi-purpose sprays.
Dissolving one tablet unlocks 300ml of this probiotic multi-purpose cleaning spray, made from natural, plant-based ingredients. Use as a degreaser, on your countertops or on your woodwork, and leave behind a fresh citrus scent.
This Scrub Daddy and power paste duo is a must-have in your cleaning kit.
Use this natural paste all throughout your home as a multi-purpose cleaning product, from your oven to your grout, with just a dampened sponge. Swirl over your surfaces to create an effective cleaning foam and remove debris, dirt, and mould.
Leave your loo smelling of sea breeze and sage with this Ecover toilet cleaner.
If you find your eyes start to water or you have to hold your nose as you’re cleaning, you might want to pick up this earth-loving toilet cleaner. This gel acts fast to tackle stubborn stains, refreshening the toilet to leave it sparkling clean.