Struggling To Adult? These 23 Items Will Help You Fake Having Your S**t Together

Here's how to appear more put together than you actually are.
I am truly great at pretending to be a responsible adult
I am truly great at pretending to be a responsible adult

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Despite the fact that I’ve been living independently for a good while now, I’ve still not quite mastered the art of being a proper adult. Forever letting far too many dirty plates stack up by the sink, accidentally snoozing my alarm in the mornings, and forgetting to water my plants, I’m always on the hunt for products that might help me seem a little more put together.

From speedy soap-dispensing dish brushes and reusable microfibre flat mops, to bestselling hair styling appliances and sprays that’ll quickly freshen up that blouse you forgot to put through the wash, these are some of my go-to products for fooling everyone into thinking I’m a grown-up...

Use this measuring tool to figure out how much spaghetti you actually need
I refuse to believe that anyone really knows how to measure out spaghetti portions. But this nifty gadget provides the measurements for up to four portion sizes, and will help ensure you don’t end up with an embarrassing amount of wasted leftover spaghetti.
Bring bobbled clothes and blankets back to life with this nifty electric fabric shaver
Give your favourite jumpers, blankets and throws a new lease of life with this impressive fabric shaver. It’s easy to operate, and is more than capable of removing any pills, fuzz, and bobbles.
Spritz this no-rinse spray over your shower after each use to keep it cleaner for longer
This non-toxic spray leaves behind a gorgeous passion fruit scent that’ll fill the whole bathroom, and it’ll leave your tub and shower looking super clean and shiny. It’s a no-rinse formula, so just cover all wet surfaces with a fine mist, and then you’re done.
And get your weekly clean done doubly fast with this extendable tub and tile scrubber
I really like to give my bathroom a weekly deep clean, but find it such a long and boring process. Great for getting the job done quickly, this brush has been designed with tiles, tubs, glass, and floors in mind, and can be extended from 66 to 106cm – so you can do all your cleaning from a comfortable standing position. Plus, its angled scrubber head is ideal for tackling those tight gaps around the toilet.
Quickly blitz through the built-up pile of dirty dishes with this soap-dispensing brush
Ideal for those days where you’ve really let the plates pile up, this washing-up brush squirts out soap when you squeeze it. Packing quite a punch, it’ll be more than capable of breaking down any dried-on food, and will leave your crockery super clean and sparkly.
Or if you’ve skipped a hair wash, go from greasy to gorgeous with this dry shampoo
Haven’t had time to give your hair a wash? Don’t worry — after applying this fabulous dry shampoo, your tresses will look and feel fully refreshed. Unlike other dry shampoos, this advanced one actually removes oil, sweat, and odour so it’ll both look and feel clean.
Utilise unused under-shelf space for storing your precious coffee pods
The latest Joseph Joseph CupboardStore innovation, this nift under-shelf drawer has been designed to give your coffee pods a proper home. It’s got space for up to thirty pods, and can be installed without any screws.
Trust this clever irrigation drip to keep your neglected plants alive
Whether you’re off on your travels, or just keen to be a better plant parent, this life support drip is what your precious plants deserve. It’ll gradually water your plants for a period of up to seven days — and you can even add plant food to the bag if you wish.
Quickly dust every corner and crevice of your home with this extendable duster
A good extendable duster will help you get your home looking lovely with minimal effort. This one has a 95-inch long telescopic rod, and a fully bendable microfibre head that will trap any dust and dirt without spreading it around your home.
This spray will quickly get the creases out of that shirt you don’t have time to iron
Just realised the shirt you were planning to wear is covered in creases? Simply lay the item on a flat surface, spray it until damp, pull and straighten out the fabric, and then hang it up to dry while you finish getting ready.
Or use this spray instead if you’re looking to freshen up an item you’ve already worn
But if you’ve had to dig something out of the laundry basket, dousing it in this spray will mask any musty smells, and leave a lovely floral scent of hibiscus in its place.
Use this trusty chopper to easily get more vegetables into your meals
This brilliant chopper is a must-have for me on those evenings where I really don’t have enough energy to spend any more time than necessary making dinner. It’ll finely dice your onions, carrots, potatoes, and more in an instant, and comes with three other blades, too.
If your kitchen pots and pans have seen better days, replace them with a multi-use one
The Our Place pan is an Instagram favourite thanks to how it can be used for basically any cooking method, whether that be grilling, frying, braising, roasting, baking, stewing, sauteing, and searing. The second edition of the pan has just been released, and comes in eight colours – I particularly love this rose coloured one.
Hydrate your body in a hurry with this gorgeous in-shower moisturiser
Especially with summer not too far away, I’m passionate about properly moisturising my body after each shower. But this can be quite the time-consuming task when I’m – as usual – running late. So, I love that I can apply this one to my wet skin immediately after I’ve showered, and then can just towel dry as normal. It’s genius.
If you like to fake tan, this bestselling applicator will help you avoid a streaky back
As a strong and independent woman, I take pride in being able to do my fake tan without any help. But without this Bondi Sands applicator, I’d definitely end up with a super streaky back — so it’s my must-have accessory for a sleek and professional looking finish.
Use this bestselling styling tool to give yourself a salon-worthy blowdry super quickly
My hair has absolutely no body to it, so I like to make sure it’s been properly blow dried and styled with a round brush before I go out. But this can be a really time consuming process — so I’ve fallen in love with how quickly this hot air styler takes my hair from damp to damn fabulous when I’m in a rush.
Ditch the kitchen tap in favour of drinking purely fresh and filtered water
As a treat for being an adult, you deserve to only drink the finest filtered water. Currently boasting a generous discount, this extra-large Brita filter jug will remove any impurities and chlorine, and leave you with up to 2.4 litres of freshly filtered H2O.
Put a system in place for properly filing away your endless paperwork
You know how your parents have a big filing cabinet that’s so well organised they could dig out a bank statement from 1998 in a matter of seconds? Yeah, you should probably have something like that too. With so much stuff now online, it definitely doesn’t need to be massive — but this metal file box is perfect for sorting out any letters, bills, and important bits of paperwork.
If you’re struggling to not hit snooze in the mornings, then try a sunrise alarm clock
Sick of your alarm clock waking you with an obnoxiously loud sound? Me too. However, this sunrise alarm clock mimics the sun coming up in the morning to gently wake you from your slumbers feeling refreshed, meaning you're less likely to hit snooze.
Put this magnetic pad on your fridge, and use it to plan your food shopping and meals
With its double magnetic backing that keeps it firmly in place on the fridge, this pad has helped me properly plan my meals for the week, and also stay on track of anything I might need to pick up from the shops.
Boost and rejuvenate tired eyes with this gorgeous retinol cream
I do my best to hide how truly tired I am from the people around me, and this eye cream really helps me in that quest. You apply it at nighttime, and it’s been formulated to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while giving extra support to your most fragile skin.
Leave your floors squeaky clean in no time at all with this nifty microfibre mop
When you’re just looking to quickly freshen up the floors before having people over, the last thing you want to have to do is wrestle the clunky mop bucket out of a cupboard. Instead, whip round your hard floors in no time with this bestselling microfibre mop.
Use this multi-drawer organiser to store small essentials like safety pins and stamps
With 12 drawers in a range of sizes, this plastic storage unit is great for housing bits and bobs like elastic bands, safety pins, and spare screws. Although you don't need them all too often, it’ll save you a lot of hassle in the future to give them a designated spot.