28 Ingenious Products That You Probably Didn't Know Existed

The items on list will make a handy additions to your day-to-day life.
Good luck getting any of these Amazon hidden gems out of your head!
Good luck getting any of these Amazon hidden gems out of your head!

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As a professional shopper, it’s safe to say that I’m always coming across new and exciting products that nobody else knows about. So, I thought it was about time I pulled together a selection of some of my favourites, and shared them with you.

Whether it’s an electric sealer for open packets of crisps and pasta, some sweat-wicking bamboo liners to put in your bras, or a pack of baby vest and bodysuit extenders, there’s sure to be something in this list that’ll make a handy addition to your day-to-day life.

This 2-in-1 bag sealer and cutter
With this handy mini sealer, you can quickly close up half-eaten packets of crisps without leaving behind any mess. Plus, it also has a hidden blade for cutting open bags, too.
This wearable nail polish bottle holder
Thanks to this clever gadget, you won’t have to worry about spilling nail polish on your bed or sofa ever again. The ring will grip the open bottle securely in place, so you can get on with painting.
These wall-mounted electric toothbrush holders
These auto-lock holders are a great wall-mounted storage option for anyone with a clunky electric toothbrush. They come with adhesive pads for easy installation, and you get two in a pack.
This electric make-up brush cleaning kit
Washing and drying makeup brushes by hand takes ages - so try this battery-powered gadget instead. It will fully clean and dry each brush in just thirty seconds.
A pack of bra strap racer back converter clips
With these three handy clips, you can turn a bog standard bra into one that’s suitable to conceal under racerback and halter neck styles.
This anti-mist treatment for goggles and glasses
This premium spray gives your goggles or glasses a micro-thin coating that prevents them from misting up for up to five days.
And these magnetic child locks for cupboards and drawers
Great for keeping little hands safe from harm, these magnetic cupboard locks are highly-rated by parents, and no DIY skills are needed for installation.
Some microfibre wristbands for washing your face
I’ve seen these absorbent microfibre cuffs doing the rounds on TikTok, and reckon they’d come in really handy when I’m washing my face. I just hate having to go to bed with soggy pyjama sleeves.
This pack of three cotton baby bodysuit extenders
These handy extenders will help you get just a little more wear out of the vests and bodysuits of a growing baby. Made from 100% cotton, you get three in a pack, and they’re all machine washable.
This silicone air fryer liner with gloves
This silicone air fryer basket is available in the round or square shape, has patented ‘easy lift’ handles, and also comes with matching mini silicone oven gloves.
These portable table hooks for hanging your handbag
Rather than leaving your bag on the floor in a restaurant, simply hang it from the table you’re sitting at. Just unfold the handbag holder, attach it to the table, and it’s ready to use.
This bestselling Philips fabric shaver
With this battery-powered shaver, you’ll be able to quickly and easily remove pills, fuzz, and bobbles from all your favourite jumpers and blankets — and leave them looking good as new.
This brilliant plastic tube squeezer key
If (like me) you can never justify throwing away a tube of toothpaste until you’ve cut it open and scraped out the leftovers, then you’ll love this tube squeezing key.
This adjustable drink holder for your sofa
If you don’t have space for a side table, then this clever couch accessory is the perfect solution. It’s got a wider slot to accommodate mugs and their handles, but also comes with an adaptor for smaller cans and bottles.
This soft silicone holder for storing makeup brushes
Great for keeping all your brushes and tools together when you’re on-the-go, this silicone case comes in eight different colours, and two different sizes.
And this matching case for your beauty sponge
If you sometimes use a sponge to apply your make-up, then store it in this shatterproof silicone case from the same brand. It’s a great solution for ensuring your sponge stays clean, and the ventilated design will also allow it to breathe.
These highly-rated noise reducing earplugs
Great for filtering out any excess din, these noise-reducing earplugs are super comfy and stylish, and will help you focus in a loud environment.
A colour corrector in the right shade for your skin tone
Colour correcting fluid can come in really handy if you’re keen for natural-looking coverage. I have quite yellow undertones, so I’ve found that using the lavender one has really helped neutralise and even out my complexion.
This pair of handy headboard stoppers
Whether your headboard marks the wall every time you turn over in bed – or you’re keen to make your private time with your partner a little more discreet – these stoppers will come in handy.
This strengthening varnish for fragile nails
Ever since I started regularly applying this strengthening gel treatment, I’ve seen such improvement in the state of my nails. The formula is designed to fortify and harden your nails, and smoothen any ridges.
Some refillable perfume atomiser bottles
When you’re off on your travels, transfer some of your favourite fragrance into these handy atomiser bottles — rather than bringing the clunky glass perfume bottle with you.
This set of sweat-wicking bamboo bra liners
If (like me) you hate nothing more than re-wearing a bra that you were profusely sweating in the day before, you’ll love using these super soft liners that absorb sweat, and help you stay fresh.
And this handy pack of three bra extenders
Don’t let weight gain or bra shrinkage force you out of your favourite bra. Made of soft and comfortable nylon, these bra extenders are all you need to ensure it’s sitting snug.
This anaesthetic spray for sore throats
This spray contains benzocaine — which is a local anaesthetic — and is well worth using when you can feel a sore throat coming on. It tastes of blackcurrant, and will provide instant numbing relief.
And this bestselling handbag organiser insert
Especially useful for bags like totes that might not have pockets, this felt organiser is great if you like to have a little more structure in your handbag.
This hair wax stick for slick-back styles
Suitable for all hair types, this wax stick can be used for everything from fusing the hair together when designing braids and twists, to smoothing down frizz and fly-aways along the hairline and nape areas.
A handy wellington boot remover tool
Does pulling off your welly boots after a country walk always leave you with muddy hands? If so, you’ll definitely like using this clever boot jack.
This leather hole punch for shoes and belts
As someone with slim feet who’s shoes never feel like they’re buckled tightly enough, this leather punch plier is a must-have for me. It’s able to create six different sizes of hole, and you can also use it on belts.