26/07/2018 15:06 BST | Updated 26/07/2018 15:45 BST

How To Wear Neon As An Adult

Highlighters at the ready 🚦

The general public have avoided neon for too long. It’s been worn to fancy dress parties recreating Madonna’s 80s style or those iconic 90s Fresh Prince of Bel-Air looks.

There was even a moment in the early 00s where neon leg warmers were worn to dance classes or a way to jazz up school uniforms but for the most part the public, and the world of fashion have not taken neon seriously. Until now.

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From those in the limelight to the average shopper, it’s actually hard to avoid neon at the moment. It has gone from being a Virgil-Abloh-first-Louis-Vuitton-fashion-show level of luxury to being worn genuinely on the street super fast.

Maybe we’re finally ready to wear neon (even if it’s a pop of toxic green) and not make fun of it; or maybe we just don’t take our wardrobes as seriously anymore. Either way, here are some easy steps to introduce some rave to your regular style choices.

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On A Highlighter High

Go big or go home, right? For those enjoying the myriad of neon colours (we’re seeing blues to orange hues instead of the usual greens and yellow) a block of neon colour is more fresh than tacky. Mrs West is a great example in how to do this. Think opposing structures of clothing for more chic points i.e. a boiler suit and skinny heels or a neon maxi dress with grey dad trainers.

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Neon Flash

If you like the sound of neon but prefer not to look like the suggested highlighter above, then a neon accessory may be more up your street. A neon shoe maybe, scarf or even earrings. A flash of neon is a nice surprise for whoever’s opposite.

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As Different As Neon And Day

Sometimes you can look at a trend and while it looks appealing, the way it’s being worn might not sit right with your own summer palette. For example, this trend may seem fitting for only those who are generally comfortable with wearing colour, but that’s just not true.

If you tend to wear darker colours one effective (and fun) way of incorporating neon is by wearing it with muted clothing. This can be a pair of black trousers with a neon green bucket bag or a neon red bum bag over a millennial pink blouse.

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Grown Up Neon

When heading out for a special night, be it a summer work party or a wedding, we all know a suit is grown up. But a neon suit? It’s the ultimate way to do ‘adulting’ without being boring. Sure, you might look like a giant LED light if you just wear a neon suit but break it up with a nude lipstick, neutral shoes and even nail polish.

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It’s All In The Eyes

In case you still feel like a toddler born in the 90s when wearing neon clothing, switch your usual eyeliner for a neon colour instead. Bright blush placed on your cheekbones and temples anyone? There’s no excuse not to jump on this bandwagon.

How are you wearing your neon? Share your tips below.