I Love My Big Nose - Here's Why You Should Love Yours, Too

I've been waiting for so long for someone to do something with big noses but they never did. So I figured it was time I did it myself
HuffPost UK

After launching the #sideprofileselfie earlier this year in an attempt to break the big nose taboo, Radhika Sanghani has been inundated with pictures from people around the world proudly showcasing their noses.

In this vlog for HuffPost UK’s Love Your Body series, Radhika explains why she struggled to love her nose growing up, what inspired her to finally embrace it and why she is so passionate about ensuring others love their noses, too.

Radhika Sanghani is a journalist and author of Not That Easy. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Love Your Body is a series of vlogs from women and men on celebrating parts of their bodies that they have previously felt ashamed of, or not considered deserving of love. The series will be running throughout June, with a new vlog every Thursday