Jacob's Food Diaries Is A Treasure Trove Of Vegetable-Filled Healthy Meal Ideas That Kids Will Love

Now that's how to get kids to eat their 5-a-day.

A mum is providing parents around the world with an endless supply of inspiration for ways to make vegetables more appealing to kids.

Laleh Mohmedi, from Australia, crafts edible cartoon characters and animals out of healthy ingredients for her son Jacob and she shares photos of her creations on Instagram.

Mohmedi revealed in a blog for Jamie Oliver.com that her passion for making food artwork began in May 2015 when she transformed Jacob’s spelt pancakes into a lion.

“His reaction to it was priceless and so full of joy that I continued transforming his food into characters,” she wrote.

“Using different ingredients to mark out their features – cherries for eyes, carrots for noses, and spelling out his name with other carved fruit and veg.

Mohmedi’s Instagram posts have earned her a following of more than 56,000 fans eager to see her latest plate.

You can find the recipes for many of her creations on her Jacob’s Food Diaries blog. Scroll down to see some of our favourites:

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