Ikea Just Unveiled Its Plan To Make The Smart Home Dream Affordable For Everyone


For years, smart homes have been the preserve of the rich.

But now Ikea is seeking to make the smart home dream affordable for everyone with the launch of a new line of smart lighting.

Starting from £15, the range includes LED bulbs, lighting panels and doors, all of which can be managed via a remote control or smartphone app.


Ikea said customers will be able to program the system to create different lighting dependent on the time of day.

“Our research told us that the existing smart lighting technology was perceived as being too expensive and difficult to understand,” said Helen Akinsete, Ikea’s head of lighting sales.

“With this in mind, we set out to make our smart lighting solutions easy to use and affordable.”


Scheduled to arrive in the UK in April, the smart lighting collection works over its own wireless standard, just like its rival Philips Hue.

The Hue personal wireless lighting starter kit starts from £59, significantly more than Ikea’s equivalent.

But while Philips offers compatibility with the Apple HomeKit, meaning you can control your lighting via Siri, Ikea’s system only works through its own app.

This isnt the Swedish furniture giant’s first smart home product. Back in 2015, the firm unveiled furniture that can wirelessly charge your phone.

If the latest line is even half as impressive, it will be pretty damn good.


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